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Pennsylvania & Ohio Donor Data Make Brexit-Like Vote Surprise Unlikely

Pennsylvania Ohio Donor Data
Unbelievably, both Trump and Clinton got roughly the same amount of donors as a percentage of the total in 2016 as did Obama and Romney in 2012. This just means that fewer people will likely turn out to vote for Clinton and Trump. This is surprising, because it would seem most observers are suggesting that turnout could be larger. A lot can change before Nov. 8, but the more we explore this matter, the more unlikely the outcome will change. There won’t be a Brexit-like result here.

Crunching The Number Of Small Donors Gives Clinton Edge Over Trump

At this point, Hillary Clinton has a 64-point lead over Donald Trump in the number of donors who’ve given $250 or less. It’s clearly not a perfect predictor, but it would seem that the candidate who has the most donors is most likely to win the election—at least that is what both the Brexit vote and the 2012 presidential election have showed us. So, what it tells us about 2016 is that Clinton might actually win by a landslide.

Brayden McCarthy: A Conversation With Fundera’s VP of Strategy (Part I)

Brayden McCarthy Fundera
Brayden McCarthy, online credit marketplace Fundera's VP of Strategy, talks about helping small businesses secure the financing they need, fixing the lending process, his time at the White House & more.

Jared Hecht: A Conversation with Fundera’s Co-Founder & CEO

Jared Hecht Fundera
Jared Hecht, online credit marketplace Fundera's co-founder & CEO, talks responsible small business lending, regulation, the state of the industry, his introduction into this often "shady" and "very messy world" & how his team is making a difference.