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You Are Never Too Young To Learn How To Save

More needs to be done to educate our kids about money, saving, and debt. Maybe not at the age of 5, but at some point in high school—certainly by their junior or senior year—they should tackle these serious subjects. The earlier these values can become ingrained, the better off they will be in the future when they have to make monetary decisions on their own.

Is The P/E Model Broken?

P/E Model
I hear many people comment that stocks are overvalued and that central bankers have artificially propped up the markets. I thought it would be interesting to analyze this premise and figure out what's really going on and who, if anyone, is right. One easy way to grasp this concept is to look at the analysts' expectations for the future earning power of the S&P 500.

Jared Hecht: A Conversation with Fundera’s Co-Founder & CEO

Jared Hecht Fundera
Jared Hecht, online credit marketplace Fundera's co-founder & CEO, talks responsible small business lending, regulation, the state of the industry, his introduction into this often "shady" and "very messy world" & how his team is making a difference.

Jilliene Helman: Talking Online Real Estate Crowdfunding With RealtyMogul’s CEO

RealtyMogul has deployed about $200 million in capital, and more than 80,000 retail investors have joined the platform. Jilliene Helman has been instrumental in RealtyMogul’s innovative role reimagining the traditional real estate investment industry.